Basalt Fiber Powder

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Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
friction material
Surface Treatment:
Chopped and milled
100% Basalt Fiber
Fiber diameter::
Breaking strength::
> 2000Mpa
Operating temperature::
Moisture content::
< 0.5%
200-600 mesh
150 Ton/Tons per Month
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Standard export package or as your request
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15 days

Basalt Fiber Powder Performance Overview

  • Basalt fiber powder, also known as milled basalt fiber. It is to use chopped basalt fiber after ball milling, wind milling, etc. Can be used to enhance a variety of anti-corrosion coatings, resins, nylon and other materials, to increase corrosion resistance.
  • Usually ground to 400-600 mesh, fiber diameter is generally between 9-18 microns, 30-50 microns in length, the maximum temperature can reach 1000°C 
  • Superior add basalt fiber powder into epoxy and phenolic, anti-corrosion paints and coatings can improve the hardness and wear resistance, coatings can effectively reduce stress, improve the impact strength of the coating and adhesion, It can also improve the coating of the glass transition temperature. It can effectively prevent the penetration of corrosive media in anti-corrosion coating process in the coating and improve the coating temperature resistance. Basalt fiber powder is actually a short cut basalt fiber, in the three-dimensional coating was chaos in the distribution. Strength layer to form a network, thereby strengthening the adhesion strength of the coating on each corner, cracking skin does not burst.
  • Basalt milled fibers and high performance, corrosion-resistant adhesive can be produced with a high-performance corrosion-resistant, high strength, wear resistance excellent anti-corrosion coatings, it can be used in ships, submarines, anti-corrosion requirements more high places.
  • Basalt fiber powder can be widely used for various reinforcing materials thermoset and thermoplastic resins. Such as PTFE, to increase nylon, reinforced PP, PE, PBT, ABS, reinforced epoxy, reinforced rubber, epoxy floor, insulation coatings.Adding a certain amount of resin into basalt fiber powder, can significantly enhance the performance of a variety of products, such as the hardness of the article, the article crack resistance, etc., can also improve the stability of the resin binder. While reducing the production cost of products.
  • Basalt fiber powder abrasion resistance, the friction material is also widely used, such as brake pads, polishing wheel, grinding wheel, friction, wear resistance tubing, wear bearings.
  • Basalt fiber powder is the best alternative to asbestos. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature performance basalt fiber, low temperature resistance and so higher than the asbestos. And non-toxic, environmentally harmless, production and use does not cause any pollution to the environment.

Basalt fiber powder key performance indicators:


  • Density: 2.6g/cm3
  • Moisture content: <0.5%
  • Fiber diameter: 9-18μm
  • Aspect ratio: 4: 1-8: 1
  • Breaking strength:> 2000Mpa
  • Operating temperature: -260-1000°C
  • Flame retardant: limiting oxygen index (Loi)> 70
  • Granularity: 200-600 mesh
  • Dispersion: 100% (in water)
  • Fiber Ingredients: 100% basalt


Basalt fiber powder Features:


    1. acid corrosion, structural stability, durability, for a variety of products, stable performance, long service life can reach more than 100 years;
    2. for the coating can improve the coating temperature resistance (high temperature, low temperature);
    3. the anti-corrosion coatings can improve coating hardness and wear resistance, can effectively reduce stress within the coating to improve the impact strength and adhesion of the coating;
    4. the coating was in chaos in three-dimensional distribution of power layer to form a network to enhance the adhesion strength of the coating on each corner, cracking skin does not burst;
    5. increase the stiffness, dimensional stability and impact strength of the products;
    6. improve product crack resistance and abrasion resistance;
    7. improve stability of the resin adhesive;
    8. a method for the casting may leveling products, molds, and other products, such as the outer surface defects, to improve the surface crack phenomenon, reduce mold shrinkage;